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This program is a series of tongue exercises that stops snoring and can be started tonight.

IJustWantToSleep® is a completely drug-free option that can even be done while watching TV, in the shower, or going to work, adding no extra time to your busy schedule.

IJustWantToSleep® has a 94% success rate!


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How can this help?

Some people tend to snore when they breathe through their mouth while sleeping and their tongue is incorrectly positioned within the oral structure, effectively blocking their airway. The IJustWantToSleep® program is intended to help snorers who experience these particular problems by retraining the tongue muscles so that the tongue will rest in the correct position inside the mouth.

Our preliminary study findings show this retraining technique has alleviated snoring and many other problems commonly associated with snoring when it is due to mouth breathing and an incorrect tongue position.

The IJustWantToSleep® program is packaged as a workbook and DVD and as an online book and videos so you can start today and stop snoring soon. This program needs only 10 minutes a day for most exercises for seven weeks.



What helps makes the IJustWantToSleep® program successful?

Stop Snoring Tongue Stick
The Tongue Stick™™ Patent #USD625,4135

"Remember" Bracelet helps you remember to do the exercises.

A major reason people are unable to keep their teeth closed is because their tongue is too wide for their mouth. Go to the mirror and stick out your tongue. Do you see small indentations on the sides of your tongue? This is a sign that it is crowded in your mouth.

One of the major exercises with this program involves stroking the sides of your tongue to stimulate and tighten the muscles, which can result in a skinnier tongue.

The Tongue Stick™™ was specifically designed to perform two of these special exercises. It ensures that you are stroking the targeted tongue muscles.

The Tongue Stick™™™ is only available with the mailed version of the book.


Stop Snoring
IJustWantToSleep® offers a 60-day money back guarantee with unsatisfied results. Entire 7-week program of exercises must be completed.


*Study presently submitted as research protocol; peer review and publication pending.