At-Home Sleep Apnea Test

home sleep apnea test

Only about 4% of those with sleep apnea actually get a sleep study done to diagnose it. Why? Probably because the thought of “sleeping” in a strange lab room with electrodes all over your body, knowing that someone is watching you, is not very exciting.

Good news! Now there is a way to have a sleep study done in the comfort of your own home. You wear a wristband attached to a finger monitor while you sleep. The device measures oxygen in the blood and collects eight hours of sleep data on a memory card.

The next day, the doctor downloads the information for instant results. This home test is called the “Watch-Pat 100.″ It only costs approximately $200.

If you have put this off, ask your doctor about the Watch-Pat 100. You deserve to know if you have sleep apnea. It could save your life.

The IJustWantToSleep program does not treat sleep apnea but does have a 96% proven record for stopping snoring.