There’s Something Wrong With My Tongue

Tongue is too large

Some people say their tongue moves around a lot in their mouth and doesn’t really know where it belongs. It is not unusual for a tongue to be so wide that if the teeth and lips are closed, then the tongue is squished inside and before long, that wide tongue has forced the teeth apart and the mouth open.

Some people’s tongue rest on the bottom of their mouth and others say it stays up on the roof of the mouth. Which is correct?

Up on the roof!

The practice of keeping the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth helps you focus, while washing clothes, driving, chopping vegetables, etc., keeping you calm and centered. This is a practice taught in the martial arts, yoga, meditation, etc. You can find a comfortable spot for your tongue about ½ inch behind your upper teeth. It is the same spot that your tongue goes to when you make the “D” sound, as in “DOG.”

Whenever you are not eating, drinking, singing, laughing, talking, keep your tongue tip at the roof of your mouth.

Here’s an activity

Go to the mirror right now and stick out your tongue, letting it hang out and relax. Now look at the sides of your tongue. Do you see any indentations on it? They are called scalloped edges and were formed when your tongue was squished in your mouth. Your teeth left the marks on your tongue.

Are you aware that your tongue is made up of many different muscles? If some of these muscles are weak, they could cause your tongue to flop around in your mouth, blocking your airway while sleeping.

If your tongue doesn’t know where to “rest” in your mouth when you start sleeping, there’s a good chance that it could block your airway, cutting off your air supply, causing you to gasp and choke for air.

The IJustWantToSleep® program trains your tongue to “live” on the roof of your mouth so it cannot fall down and block your airway. Try it out today and get 15% off the program.

The boxed cake story

Too good to be true!

Years ago when the first boxed cake mix was introduced, it required that you only had to mix water with the cake mix and you would produce a delicious cake. What a discovery! This was so simple that no one bought it.This sounded “too good to be true”! Surely the cake could not be any good if all you had to do was add water to the cake mix! Continue reading

The Five Most common causes of snoring

“I do not snore!” Have you ever heard two people arguing about whether one of them snores or not? I have and rarely do they agree on the answer. Snoring has become a social stigma that no one wants to admit to, even if their spouse provides audio to prove otherwise. We need to be educated on what actually causes the snoring to hopefully change our perception to realize that our significant other is really not snoring to purposefully prevent the other from getting a good night’s sleep. Below is a good starting place to better understand snoring.

5 Common Causes of Snoring

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Change The Way You Breathe And Change Your Life

Change The Way You Breathe

How am I supposed to breathe?

Don’t move. If you are not talking or eating, is your mouth open or closed?

Don’t move yet. If your mouth is open, can you feel yourself breathing through your mouth or your nose? You are probably breathing through your mouth.

What does it matter if you breathe through your mouth? Mouth breathing is a habit that can be detrimental to your health. Continue reading

What Causes Snoring?

what causes snoring

Snoring. Many of us do it, whether we know it or not. In fact, studies show that about 45 percent of all adults snore on occasion, and 25 percent snore habitually. Ever wonder why? There are a multitude of reasons why many of us “saw logs” in our sleep, and Central California Sleep Center in Fresno has put together a list of the five most common causes of snoring. Continue reading

Why Am I Always Tired?

why am i always tired

If you don’t stop mouth breathing, you will always wake up tired.

So, what’s the big deal about mouth breathing and how does it affect why am I always tired? Why does it matter, just so I get air into my lungs. Nose breathing 24 hours a day is extremely important for those who wish to live a long and healthy life. When you are resting, are you taking quick, shallow breaths from the top of your chest? This type of breathing lowers the level of carbon dioxide in our blood. So, why is that important? It is important because this causes our arteries to constrict and that reduces the flow of oxygenated blood in our body. Continue reading