Getting up at night to urinate may be sign of sleep apnea

urinate sleep apnea

I finally understand why people who have completed the IJustWantToSleep® program report that they no longer get up during the night to go to the bathroom! Dr. Ilene Rosen from the University of Pennsylvania explains that when you stop breathing because something is blocking the airway, the brain works very hard to keep your oxygen level up.

It sends a signal to your respiratory muscles to work harder. This increased work of the muscles in the chest causes pressure changes in the chest, which are felt by the heart muscle. The stress on the heart muscle then causes the muscle cells to secrete a substance that fools the kidneys into making urine.

So, get better sleep and stop fooling your kidneys!

The IJustWantToSleep® program does not treat sleep apnea. Please consult a doctor if you have sleep apnea. IJustWantToSleep has a 96% success rate in stopping snoring.