How to Function on 3 Hours of Sleep: A Stop-Snoring Case Study

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Amy was a 41-year-old news reporter. She contacted me because she was getting complaints from viewers who said she was too slow and robotic.

Amy’s life: She was working weekends at the TV station and only getting about 3 hours of sleep per night. Amy complained of a severely dry mouth and she was afraid she was going to mispronounce words because of the dryness. Hence, the slow and labored word production. Continue reading

WANTED: A Silent (non-snoring) Partner

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A large percentage of people breathe through their mouth when they sleep. You may say you don’t breathe through your mouth but if you snore, drool, wake up with a dry mouth/sore throat, wake up tired or with a headache, or have daytime sleepiness, then you do breathe through your mouth for at least part of the night.

Your mouth doesn’t have to be all the way open. Air only needs a small opening between the lips to be inhaled. Continue reading