“Thank you so much for helping me finally get some sleep. It took me three months to get through the program but I now get to sleep and stay asleep almost every night without even getting up to go to the bathroom. I have more energy. Please know I am very grateful and at last rested.”

“When many people told me that my snoring was abnormally loud and I felt listless upon rising in the morning, I decided to do something about it. First, I studied those that did snore. It wasn’t hard to find them. Those that snored loudly and disruptively ALWAYS had their mouth open. So I tried keeping my mouth shut by attaching a few headbands around my head and chin. It seemed to work but the headbands kept coming off. So when I read about this program, it was a NO-BRAINER for me for I had already experienced the benefit of keeping your mouth closed and this concept would do that without a contraption on your head. I now sleep with my mouth closed entirely … smart concept, easy effort, great return … good job.” – Denise C., 50 yrs., CUPERTINO, CA

“Thanks for the good nights sleep! My “heroic” snoring was a constant source of comment when I was on group outings.

My wife Kelly pretty much concluded after week one that she could never have a nights sleep being in the same room and would often retreat to the couch in the living room after I fell asleep.

At this point I started looking on the Internet for a solution, preferably one that would address the cause. I came across your site and decided to give your program a try. After the second week my symptoms were rapidly disappearing. About halfway through the program I was sleeping normally and I was feeling much better when I woke up. My wife can now sleep in the same bed as I.” Thanks again, Hartmut Schwarz

“Here a reaction from a happy user in the Netherlands. Your program is GREAT and you made fans in my family! It is so easy, no tools, no medicines. I had a snoring problem for many years. The first step of solving was using a sleeping brace that has a little ìspoonî which avoided that my tongue would fall back causing snoring. I had this for 2 1/2 years and it works OK, but if the brace breaks or you forgot the brace, many people around me didn’t get much of a quiet night, including myself. Another problem was if your throat was irritated, the brace was not comfortable. Your solution works perfectly for me. The first 6 weeks, I still slept with the brace in. Since the 7th week, I sleep without the brace, but I slept the first week on the attic with all doors closed, because my wife wanted to be sure that the snoring was (almost) over. Now I only snore if I (slightly) wake up in the middle of the night and forget to put my tongue on the spot again!

“I can recommend this to everyone and if I tell people that I am an ex-snorer, they are always interested how I overcame the problem. Even my doctor and dentist were very surprised about the simplicity! If you have new exercises, please let me know. Keep up the good work!” Irma, Martin & Lucas, THE NETHERLANDS

“I want to express my gratitude for the wonderful, medication-free, appliance-free, and machine-free program you have developed for snorers. I discovered your Web site while doing a class paper on snoring for my massage therapy education. Your program was the only one to encourage exercising weak muscles to address the source of the problem rather than ‘applying a bandaid.’

At age 14, my son had become quite a snorer … we were not aware of it until he spent a night of vacation with a friend’s family and he kept all the family awake with his snoring! Once I was made aware of this I started him on the exercises and 3 weeks into the program he had the snoring under control.

I, too, suffered from snoring and like my son, found about 3 weeks of exercises was all I needed to bring it under control. As I encounter clients with symptoms and signs of heavy snoring and sleep apnea, I will definitely refer them to your wonderful IJustWantToSleep program. Obviously, I’m really excited about the benefits of your program!” Cathy, CARY, NC

“Your book and your exercises have made such a POSITIVE difference in my life! I have almost completely stopped snoring (only do VERY little when nasal passages are plugged) and feel much more rested in the morning. The most important impact your program has had in my life is the fact that my partner no longer wakes me up countless times during the night complaining of my snoring! This scenario occurred EVERY night until I started your excercises. I noticed a gradual change and, through the course of the program, became aware that I was no longer waking my partner up at night because I was no longer being woken up by complaints! It was a miracle for sure! I would just like to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for developing something that is non-invasive, easy to follow and that REALLY, TRULY WORKS!!! THIS IS NO GIMMICK FOLKS!! THIS IS THE REAL THING AND REALLY WORKS AS LONG AS YOU FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!! Also, your individual attention to those who select your program is a wonderful touch and means so much in today’s world.î” – Kim G., California

“This is a medication and device-FREE program that really works! You are simply re-training your body. Thank you for providing the opportunity to correct snoring in a completely natural way!” – Sue D., 37 years., ROCHESTER, VT

“I did most of the exercises and felt results of my work immediately. They were easy … anyone could do this. I swallow better and feel more rested in the mornings.” – Michelle P., 29 years, HOUSTON, TX

“I feel great so far! I am still in Lesson 1 but I already feel like I’m cured. I’ll keep you posted.”

“The program was great. I no longer grind my teeth and rarely snore. Not only have I improved my tongue position but I have also paid attention to my lower jaw position and have learned to relax it more in order to keep my teeth lined up better. The program was a good length and was simple enough to understand and fit into a busy schedule, yet it was substantial enough to provide major benefits and lifelong changes.” – Nancy M., 42 years., ROCHESTER, VT

“I was surprised that it worked and how quickly I noticed a change.” – Nancy N., 45 years., GRANVILLE, VT

“I had a serious snoring problem that did not appear to be associated with sleep apnea. I woke up several times in the night and felt very tired in the mornings. After following the program, I feel much, much better in the mornings and do not feel sleepy during the day. The snoring is probably about 95% improved. The lessons were well explained and the support was wonderful. A very positive experience.” – Brenda M., 60 years., BREVARD, NC

“Thanks to this program, I very seldom snore. My husband sleeps better and so do I. My concentration has improved. I feel more refreshed and am no longer grouchy in the mornings. I liked the fact that I saw results within days.” – Teri W., 45 years., SWANNANOA, NC

“I was able to reduce my snoring without using drugs, appliances or surgery! I have been researching methods for reducing snoring ever since it became an extreme nuisance for my wife. My ENT physician suggested that I undergo radio frequency throat surgery, but said this procedure is only about 80% effective and can be undone by any lifestyle changes, gaining weight, aging, etc. Before I went through the expense and pain of this procedure I decided to see what other remedies were available. I fully expected there would be many that were of little use, and was not disappointed. I started with breathing strips and throat sprays. The strips helped my recurring sinus problems somewhat, but not much help on snoring.

My continuing research led me to IJustWantToSleep and I inquired about the program. After the methodology was explained, I couldn’t see any reason not to try it. It’s not invasive (except time wise!) and uses no drugs. Strengthening muscles involved made sense, but I was skeptical about developing an ability to change my tongue position. I understood from the first that any success would be dependent on my practice of the exercises, and I think that’s key. This is NOT a passive program. You have to think about and do the exercises until they become second nature.” – Jay F., 57 years., MEMPHIS, TN

“This program was extremely easy and successful. It’s important to do all of the lessons. The most important thing was to be told where my tongue was SUPPOSED to rest in my mouth.” – Betsy W., 50 years., MINNEAPOLIS, MN

“I liked the simplicity of the program and the fact that there was no cutting or devices. I enjoyed the program. It didn’t interfere with important work and I saw progress in better rest and less wakeful nights early on.” – Tony G., 59 years., ROCHESTER, VT

“As a registered nurse, I am amazed that something so simple can positively and profoundly affect the health and well-being of so many. By the second week my sleep pattern had improved. It is overwhelming to think of the people who can benefit and change their lives with the IJustWantToSleep® program with a few simple exercises. Anyone would be foolish not to try the program which only takes a few minutes a day!” – Barbara B., 57 years., FLETCHER, NC

14 Months after IJustWantToSleep:
“I feel I am sleeping better and quieter. There are times during the day when I become aware that my tongue IS in the right spot and I think of you, Janet, and all of those exercises.” – Karen A.

15 Months after IJustWantToSleep:
“I continue to do well! I think about the “spot” before falling asleep and have had very few “relapses.” I do the exercises at odd moments during the day more out of habit than predetermined consciousness.” – Lois B.

“I liked the simplicity of this exercise program to stop snoring and the fact that there was no cutting or devices. I enjoyed the program. It didn’t interfere with important work and I saw progress in better rest and less wakeful nights early on.” – Tony G., 59 years., ROCHESTER, VT

“The IJustWantToSLeep program worked so well and so quickly for me. I have seen 100% improvement. Almost from the start I felt calmer when my tongue rested in its spot. Almost like a security blanket, it seemed to calm me down right away. It is very meditative.” – Laurey M., 49 years., ASHEVILLE, NC

17 Months after IJustWantToSleep:
“I still do refer to the stop snoring method in my thoughts. I don’t think I am snoring (word has it), my mouth is not dry, I don’t feel like I have hideous morning breath (word has it), and yes, I am sleeping well. Great method!” – Laurey M.

“I now go to sleep right away most nights and sleep through the night with no snoring. The tongue exercises were easy to follow and did not take a lot of time. My spouse noticed that I stopped snoring. I have recommended this to several people. I have improved at least 90%.” – Sue J., 59 years., MILLS RIVER, NC

It was a very easy stop snoring program that was a lot of fun; Just to see if you could do the exercises and to wake up more rested is a blessing.” – Paulette S., 57 years., WAYNESVILLE, NC

“The stop snoring program is easy and worked for me. I still clench my teeth and need to wear a mouth guard but I’m able to keep my tongue in a good position, so no more snoring.” – Nancy T., 46 years, ASHEVILLE, NC

“I went through this stop snoring program successfully with 100% improvement.” – Rocky B., 49 years., HEBRON, MD

“Yes, the program was successful! It was easy and it worked! The explanations of the exercises were straightforward and usable. It was a blessing to have this available.” – Patricia S., 67 yrs., NEW YORK, NY

“Yes, the program was successful! The exercises were simple – it’s so exciting and revolutionary! My partner sleeps soundly now and never complains. I feel like I get much better sleep now.” – Heather M., 50 yrs., ROCHESTER, VT

17 Months after IJustWantToSleep:
“Sleeping is fine. Tongue is on the spot when relaxing at all times: car rides, reading, sleeping … I think it’s just great. Feel very rested; sleep is only needed for 6 or so hours a day.” – Heather M.

“The lessons were very self explanatory. I liked the fact that you didn’t have to repeat lessons as long as you were faithful to do your lessons. I could feel the results towards the 4th or 5th lesson. I definitely noticed a great improvement . I am sleeping more soundly and comfortably.” – Ricky W., 55 yrs., CANDLER, NC

“I saw a great improvement! I thought it was great to have results so early in the program. Sleeping more soundly and less dry mouth. The exercises were easy to do and could be done any time and almost anywhere. Even falling behind with the lessons does not have a negative effect on the process. This was a good experience for me.” – Caroline M., 53 yrs., ROCHESTER, VT

“I found the program very easy to follow and it produced results for me right away. This has made a dramatic difference in how I feel in the morning.” – Jim P., 53 yrs., JUPITER, FL

“Before this program, I had exhausted all the possibilities I knew about except CPAP machine and I coudn’t bear the thought of using a machine. I was very happy to learn of a method that avoided CPAP and other mechanical means.” – Larry H., 47 yrs., ROCHESTER, VT

“This program definitely helped me retrain my tongue position and made me more aware of it. My sleep has improved.” – Jeff G., 38 yrs., KITTERY, ME

“I was pleased to be a part of this experiment. I will admit that because I was already on an airway pressure breathing device, I was somewhat skeptical about being helped to the extent I could wean myself off the device so I didn’t give a 100% effort to the program. I did notice better control of my tongue and breathing when resting and not connected to my breather. I found nothing to dislike about the program. I liked the ease that one could practice an exercise at home, office or anywhere for that matter and not interrupt most daily activities.” – Don W., 74 yrs., ASHEVILLE, NC

“I needed a way to relieve my snoring without the use of a mask, machine, pills, or any other contraption. I had tried just about everything else without success. Your method has given me a means to control my snoring without the use of these other things. The program has had a positive affect on me and my sleeping.” – Keith N., M.D., 42 yrs., BRIDGEPORT, W. Va.

16 Months after IJustWantToSleep:
“My snoring problem seems to have disappeared. At least my wife doesn’t notice anymore.” – Keith N.

“I have noticed an improvement in my sleep. I no longer wake up every hour and am able to sleep as long as four or five hours in a row.” – Allen T., 63 yrs., ROCHESTER, VT

“The exercises were very easy and clear. I am sleeping more deeply (not waking up when the raccoons are screaming outside!).” – Ellen S., 60 yrs., HANCOCK, VT

“As far as reduction of snoring is concerned, my husband reports a decrease. My sleep is better because my husband, who also participated in this study, snores less. I do wake more rested.” – Carol B., 49 yrs, ASHEVILLE, NC

“I liked the specific instructions and exercises because they helped the symptoms. Most of my symptoms were relieved. The IJustWantToSleep® program has brought me to where I am not sleepy during the day and my sleep is much less disturbed at night.” – Sara M., 36 yrs., ASHEVILLE, NC

“The IJustWantToSleep® program helped me a lot. Once when we were camping with friends, they thought they heard a fan in our tent, and it was actually me snoring. My husband often moved into another room and shut the doors between us so he could sleep. Years ago, my nose was broken, so I always attributed that as the reason I snored, and probably always will. However, after taking the exercises and learning the new tongue position, I have seen an 80% improvement. My husband stays with me! I sleep more soundly and do not wake up during the night as I used to. I wake alert and refreshed each morning. My favorite song is “Up On The Roof” now. Thank you.” – Katie P., 56 yrs., ASHEVILLE, NC

“This program most certainly has had a positive impact on my sleep habits. The exercises were easy to follow with little time involvement. My spouse noticed much less snoring. The greatest achievement is not having to get up every 2 hours anymore. Down to one trip during 8 hours of rest.” – Paul S., 64 yrs., ROSWELL, GA

“IJustWantToSleep® is wonderful! Going to sleep at night is no longer a problem and I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for a new day. Your sleep program has enhanced my quality of life!”- Andrea S., 43 yrs., ASHEVILLE, NC